Thank You To Our Veterans

To all our Veterans and service members, thank you for making us all safe and for the sacrifice you've made so we can sleep soundly at night.  It you all that make our country possible and I appreciate the opportunities I have today for the sacrifices you've all made.

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Google Street View In Action

I'm sure some of you have seen the crazy-looking Google Street View cars with their cameras mounted on top.  I ran into one last December right before the Holidays.  Me and my dog were out for our morning walk down Magazine Street near Ninth in the Garden District of New Orleans where we found one. With my lightning

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Silicon Bayou 100 – Group 1

Silicon Bayou News is an online news souce highlighting and supporting Entrepreneurs, creatives and tech start-ups in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and the entire Gulf South.  They recently chose 100 of the most influential people in the "Silicon Bayou".  Their most recent article features more information on the chosen individuals. Aaron Miscenich As President of the

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Google Hummingbird Algorithm Update and The Patent Behind It

Last week Google officially announced its new Hummingbird algorithm update.  As I reviewed all the industry news and opinions about what this most recent algorithm search engine update is and how it will effect search results, I came across the actual patent filed by Google. Since this patent is about as understandable for me as

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New, Specialized Local SEO Package Plans Offered

Press Release submitted February 25, 2013 New Orleans SEO company Webtyde Digital Marketing announces the launch of its specially tailored Local SEO packages, helping small businesses increase their online visibility. New Orleans-based SEO and Internet marketing services company Webtyde Digital Marketing announced this week that it had rolled out new Local SEO plans geared toward increasing the overall

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Happy New Year!

  2013 is shaping up to be a fresh and exciting New Year with Internet marketing.  With new services, our campaigns continue to be on the cutting edge of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), including SEO, Social Media, PPC.   From all of us at Webtyde Digital Marketing, we wish you health and success and look

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AMA MAX Award Repost

Repost from AMA New Orleans Blog: New Orleans' Most Effective Marketing Thinking Well, aren't you lucky?? You're about to see who in New Orleans has been outstandingly excellent in 2011... these are the 2012 Marketing Awards of Excellence announced today at the MAX Awards luncheon at the World War II Museum. Enjoy! We hope you

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Hurricane Isaac Free Website Information Updates For Non-Profits

Webtyde Digital Marketing, headquartered in New Orleans, is offering free website content updates for non-profit websites that need to get information out to people about their response and/or recovery efforts due to Hurricane Isaac. If you know of an organization who has information that needs updating immediately, please have them call Morgan Seitzler at (504)

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Car Computers And SEO

The time has come: we are now that much closer to becoming Knight Rider, and K.I.T. is going to be doing our searches online for us while we drive. For instance, Ford SYNC is an "in-car connectivity system that allows you to make hands-free calls and control your music and other functions with simple voice

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Fresh Website Content

Just as it's best to be as transparent and honest as possible in your business affairs, the same goes for your dealings with Google.  The complexity of Google's algorithms will eventually catch up with those who are trying to defraud, manipulate, or misrepresent themselves by buying links from link farms, duplicating content, hiding keywords, and

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