First Cyber Monday 2013 Data Rolling In

Custora Pulse reported some of the first data from Cyber Monday's ecommerce activity across the United States.  They are reporting that overall online sales rose 18 percent over last year's Cyber Monday in 2012. As reported from Ginny Marvin, phones and tablets have increased their presence over their more traditional laptop/desktops this year.  One in

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Cyber Monday 2013: Are You Ready?

The vampires and ghosts have all made their trick or treat rounds last week, and we are now seeing the Christmas and Hanukkah holiday decorations lining the isles of our local stores.  It's that time of the year again that all you ecommerce merchants have been preparing for the whole year. Cyber Monday 2013 is

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Spring Cleaning Your Ecommerce SEO Campaign

As if the task of spring cleaning your house isn't daunting enough, it's time to clear the dust and cobwebs out of your winter SEO campaign.  For Webtyde Digital Marketing clients, this is done on a monthly basis.  If you're not with Webtyde, some attention to the big search engine changes are absolutely necessary at

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