Happy Fall 2015!

Happy Fall!  For those of us in New Orleans, the Fall finally means cooler temperatures.  For everyone else, it means football, Halloween, and holidays.  May you have a wonderful Autumn and enjoy the beautiful weather! This also means it's time to make sure all your ecommerce sites are updated and ready to go for the holiday

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4 Ways To Secure Your Website From Being Hacked

Hacked websites are not only a major security issue for any sensitive data you have on your server, it's a free ride to the bottom of the rankings in Google.  Lately, we've had to help several companies who fell victim to hackers inserting malicious code and/or spam advertising into their website, destroying their local/national SEO campaigns. The following reposted

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10 Reputable Inbound Links For New Websites

If you are starting a new business and/or a new website, you need to build up your URL's reputation by gathering reputable inbound links to your site. Not only does this help with overall website traffic, it helps your website SEO by showing Google you have other sites that think your company is reputable. Inbound

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Labor Day 2015

Webtyde Internet Marketing would like to wish everyone a happy, relaxing Labor Day today.  Take the day off and enjoy what you've worked so hard for!  

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