Happy Earth Day, People

We wish you a happy Earth Day today, April 22nd.  Do something nice for your planet today. Here is Google's contribution: Google Earth Day Art 2015 Today, I biked to the train station and planted some pepper plant seeds.  What did you do?      

2016-11-21T15:21:14-06:00April 22nd, 2015|Commentary|

Google Mobile-Friendly Update Rolling Out

Google has been rolling out the anticipated pre-announced algorithm algorithm changes starting in the US and moving across the globe. Google is boosting the rankings of mobile-friendly web pages on mobile search results. They are trying to give their mobile search users a better mobile experience with the results they are delivering. This has no

2015-04-22T15:54:05-06:00April 21st, 2015|Google News, Mobile|
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