Google Hummingbird Algorithm Update and The Patent Behind It

Last week Google officially announced its new Hummingbird algorithm update.  As I reviewed all the industry news and opinions about what this most recent algorithm search engine update is and how it will effect search results, I came across the actual patent filed by Google. Since this patent is about as understandable for me as

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Mobile Search Usage and Conversion Statistics

I found a great article form Greg Sterling which gives us some great data about the mobile search usage and conversions.  He says roughly 61 percent of mobile users who call convert to sales.  The article offers some great details.  Here are some quick info graphics I thought were very interesting for you local businesses:

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HTTPS and “Not Provided”: The New Norm

The search engine marketing industry is buzzing like a rattled be hive today with the discovery of Google's simple change from to  Who would have thought an "s" would cause such an uproar, but it has. That "s" in the https means that searches now take place with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology

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