The Importance of Social Media and SEO Integration

This is a great article by Matt McGee that shows how social media has a direct effect on organic search engine rankings and successful SEO campaigns.  All our clients have social media optimization built into our campaigns as of January 2013.  Everyone has see positive results due to this action and their continued social media

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Morgan Seitzler, Founder of Webtyde Digital Marketing, Nominated for 2013 Millennial Award in New Orleans

Morgan Seitzler, Founder of Webtyde Digital Marketing, was nominated for 2013 Millennial Award in New Orleans.  The Millennials is a new Award Ceremony aimed to highlight the most dynamic and top-performing professionals in a variety of industries who are 40 years of age or younger. The awards show will take place on Saturday, July 13,2013 at the

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Google Glass SEO Now A Reality

I've come to realize that we may indeed have more power as SEOs with Google Glass than I originally thought. Today, Google launched XE7 for the Explorer beta version of Glass.  Glass now has the capabilities of rendering actual websites for the first time.  Glass is showing search results similar to the mobile and desktop

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