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Quantifying the Impending iOS 6 Maps Backlash Apple’s new Maps app is the very first item on their list of major new features in iOS 6, but for many iPhone and iPad users around the world those new maps are going to be a major disappointment. In iOS 6, Apple no longer uses Google’s traffic, transit,

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Mobile, Tablet, Laptop Usage Information

This is an excellent article I found recently on the ways various Internet devices are used.  It should give you more insight on how people use these devices to search the Web. With mobile becoming so important in your search campaigns, these are important statistics to keep in mind when determining your target market.  

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AMA MAX Award Repost

Repost from AMA New Orleans Blog: New Orleans' Most Effective Marketing Thinking Well, aren't you lucky?? You're about to see who in New Orleans has been outstandingly excellent in 2011... these are the 2012 Marketing Awards of Excellence announced today at the MAX Awards luncheon at the World War II Museum. Enjoy! We hope you

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Are You Marketing Via The Internet Locally, New Orleans?

If you are a local business, you should already know the importance of an online presence.  Whether it is a locally focused website, active social media, or both, you business needs to be seen. I found an excellent article showing how most travelers using mobile smartphones visit Google Maps almost 78% of the time. Nielsen

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