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Improving SEO Content Writing

The following information will help you improve SEO in your content writing and improve understanding and readability of your text. Improving your SEO copy writing The following are important areas to focus on if you want to improve the structure of your SEO copy writing: first paragraph of your text, all headings,  and the first

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WordPress Update 4.8.1

Time to update your WordPress files everyone.  Version 4.8.1 is here and the following are the changes they made.   Summary From the WordPress 4.8.1 release post: WordPress 4.8.1 contains 29 maintenance fixes and enhancements to the 4.8 release series, chief among them are fixes to the rich Text widget and the introduction of the Custom HTML widget.

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Net Neutrality and Why You Need To Know About It

Net Neutrality would keep the Internet we use now the same as when it started: free and unabashedly uncensored.  It should remain our choice what information we choose to gather. Below is a great article to teach you why Net Neutrality is such a large and important issue.  Credit for this article goes to Free

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How Much Does SEO Really Cost?

This information was taken from and article by Marcus Miller at Search Engine Land.   How much does SEO cost? Marcus Miller on July 7, 2017 at 11:19 am How much does SEO cost? It’s the proverbial, “How long is a piece of string?” question. And if you think about it, this is not without good reason.

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Burger King Google Spam Goes Awry

Some of you may have heard the latest spam news.  It wasn't from someone in Russia or China...this time, it was from Burger King. Burger King created a commercial that used the voice command to engage Google Home devices to tell people about their Whopper.  It was actually quite a brilliant idea that someone would

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Mobile Measurement Potential Realized

Google recently published an interesting article on realizing mobile measurement potential.  It details how mobile influences consumers' purchase decisions. Most of us turn to our phones as we are out shopping or researching a product we are in need of.  76% of people who search on their smartphone for something visit a related business within

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Happy Birthday to Us!

Webtyde Internet Marketing turned seven years old today, with Webtyde as a business now 16 amazing years old! I started Webtyde full-time in 2010, after running it part-time for the previous nine years.  Webtyde began as a small website development company creating brochure websites on the side as I finished school and gained experience project managing high-end

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New Orleans SEO, Digital, and Internet Marketing

Digital Marketing Company Webtyde Internet Marketing's latest video on New Orleans SEO, local SEO, digital marketing, Internet marketing and how it all works together to help give your business brand visibility and exposure online. Contact us today to hear more specifics on how we can help your business's online visibility in New

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Happy New Year, 2017!

Webtyde Internet Marketing wishes everyone a safe, healthy, happy, and successful 2017! Contact us soon to start focusing on your business growth and online visibility. See you soon! Warmest Regards, Allyson Seitzler Webtyde Internet Marketing

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